Girls Secondary Department

Dear parents:

We – Girls Secondary Section in ILA- are so proud of our nominated students and we hope they can achieve success and reach their dreams. Also, we so proud of our capable teachers and at the same time we keen to listen to your suggestions and notes and we will remain as you entrusted us preserving the Islamic identity and encourage our students to follow its rules .Also, the academic stages start from tenth grade to twelve grade and they can choose either scientific or literary branches .The building provides all facilities to help students in learning.

As a team work, we working to achieve some goals, they are:

preparing the students to face different life situations.

encouraging students to innovate new things through involving their mental skills ..

developing our students’ abilities and skills

preparing the students for a bright future thus they can reach high certificates.

encourging outstanding students to compete each other.

aquiring students’ daily life concepts.

rising up the students loyalty towards their country .

learning about their rights and responsibilities.

contributing in developing the society.