Admission and registration:

First: : Registration of old students in the Academy and registration of new students start at the beginning of the second semester.

Second: Students are approved for admission after being interviewed by specialists and an entrance examination is conducted for them.

  • Required papers to complete the registration process
  • Transfer certificate certified by the Directorate of Education from which the student is transferred.
  • The student’s birth certificate is authenticated.
  • The student’s last school certificate, authenticated as the rules.
  • The original vaccination card (for kindergarten and first grade students).
  • Four personal photos (for kindergarten and first grade students).
  • A copy of the family book for kindergarten students.
  • A copy of the passport for the children of the Gaza Strip Approval of follow-up and inspection.

A letter from private education approves the admission of students to the school for non-Jordanians coming from outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Third: The registration fee for the new student in the academy for the current academic year is 300 JDs, calculated within the school tuition

  • Registration fees in case of withdrawal or cancellation due to lack of papers or the registration is not refundable.
  • The academy will communicate with parents via the phone, SMS service and (website and e-mail) and Facebook for the purposes of registration and inform them of new updates.
  • The child is accepted in the Pr-KG class if he is three years old.
  • The child is accepted in the KG1 class if he completes the fourth year..
  • The child is accepted in the KG2 class if he completes the fifth year.
  • The child is accepted to the first primary grade if he completes the sixth year on (12\31)